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Meet Kimberly M.

Mother, Blogger and Unapologetic Traveler

Since I was a child, I've always had the desire to travel, see new places, and experience different cultures. 


As a single mother who at times has struggled to make ends meet, I've vowed to never let my circumstances stop me or my son from seeing the world. In fact, my biggest solo trip to Puerto Rico occurred right after a job layoff. It was at that moment that I knew something had awakened in me...something that gave me the everlasting desire and courage to see more of the world, even if it meant doing so alone.

So far, I've travelled to Jamaica, the United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Aruba. I hope to continue exploring Central and South America in the near future, as well as other Caribbean islands.


My son is often my travel partner in crime and has joined me on trips to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Our hometown is in Alexandria, VA, but in June 2018 the two of us adventurously relocated to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a language and cultural immersion adventure.

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