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7 More Reasons Why Solo Travel is the Best Thing Ever

Updated: May 28, 2020

If you read my previous blog post on solo travel, you already know know several reasons why traveling alone is one of the best things that you can do for yourself, even if you do it just once. However, the list doesn’t stop there!

Here are seven more reasons that will have you thinking about booking a ticket for one:

1. You're more likely to score a seat at a sold out restaurant.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to discover all of the best restaurants or local delicacies when you arrive to your destination.

When you travel solo, you are much more likely to get a seat at that exclusive restaurant that only has openings every once in a blue moon.

Restaurant reservations are usually done in groups of 2 or more. Because these parties are sometimes made up of odd numbers, restaurants are sometimes left trying to fill single seats-- and that’s where the solo traveler comes in.

Now while this usually isn’t a big deal for larger restaurants, this is HUGE if you’re after the Chef’s Table dining experience, which typically only seats very small numbers of guests at a given time and sells out months in advance.

2. You’ll learn that “boredom” is just a word.

Oftentimes people avoid traveling alone because they think that they will easily get bored. They ask, “Well, what will I do when I get there?” thinking that if no one is there with them, that there won’t be anything there for them.

But in fact, the total opposite is true. When you travel alone, it feels like the entire world is at your hands. You can go for a walk, go on tours, or visit a museum. You can sit on the beach all day, visit a restaurant or two, or take a bike ride. The list goes on and on...and none of those things require you to have someone else there to do it with.

Quite frankly, because you are on your own schedule when you travel alone, you may find that there are sometimes too many options of things to do. That being said…

3. You’ll discover more about your destination.

Sometimes traveling as a group restricts us to certain activities that fit everyone’s budget, tastes, or level of interest.

Unfortunately, that means that we often leave many things about our destination unknown.

When it is solely up to us to set our schedules and itinerary, we open up the opportunity to discovering hidden gems around us, whether it be a mom and pops shop, small restaurant, or hidden beach.

You’re more likely to do more research about your destination beforehand and will find places of interest that you can actually act on, since you will be alone. Once you arrive, you’re more likely to strike up conversations with others who can give you their personal recommendations on where to go, and again, actually do it since you will be there alone.

4. You won’t have to give up your fitness routine.

No matter how dedicated you may be to your fitness routine, when you travel with someone else it seems as though your entire routine goes out of the window.

Maybe it is the peer pressure to “just relax” because you’re on vacation, or maybe you just had one too many margaritas partying it up with everyone the night before...but the result is that you didn’t stick to the plan.

When you travel alone, you’re more likely to get up at a decent hour and get your workout in before getting the day started. Even if you did have some drinks the night before, it is highly unlikely that you would have gotten trashed to the point where you are too hungover to operate the next day!

If you’re not a morning person, your entire day is up to you, so go ahead and go for that mid-day or evening don’t have to worry about anyone waiting for you!

5. You’re more likely to step outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes when we’re with our friends or family, we feel the need to operate in a certain way to conform to someone else’s standards.

Unfortunately, this forces us into a “comfort zone” and stops us from being our true self, doing things that deep down we’ve always wanted to do.

When you travel alone, you can relax because no one is judging you, holding you to their expectations, or fighting for your time and attention. Go ahead and strike up a conversation with the stranger next to you if you want to. Don’t be afraid to practice speaking to a local in their native language. Go ahead and dance all night (or day) if the music tells you to.

You are finally on YOUR time, and it is the perfect opportunity to try new things without being made to feel guilty or embarrassed about it.

6. Strangers are more likely to be concerned about your well-being.

One of the biggest concerns about traveling alone is whether or not you’ll be safe.

Personally, I’ve noticed in my solo travels are that strangers are much more concerned about my well-being as opposed to attempting to take advantage of me or put in me in a not-so-great situation. I’ve often been approached by others who just wanted to check in to see if I was okay, or even offer to keep me company or have me join their group so that I wouldn’t be alone.

Overall, I find that strangers are much more friendly and compassionate when they come across a solo traveler. However (and as mentioned before), it is important to remember to follow your gut if you ever feel that you are in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation!

7. You learn so much more about yourself!

Traveling alone forces you to be independent. It enhances your ability to solve problems, and forces you to get in tune with yourself, your likes and your dislikes.

With a little “ME” time, you learn just how much you are willing to try, how much you can tolerate, and how far you are willing to go to get something done.

By simply freeing yourself from the demands and expectations of others, you give yourself a travel experience that will not only give you an entirely different perspective on yourself, but also on life and how you choose to live it.

So are you ready yet to book your first (or next) solo trip?


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